Health and Fitness For Life

      Health and Fitness for Life is an open educational resource (OER) textbook that explores various aspects of a healthy lifestyle, from nutrition to weight management and goal-setting to stress management. It was developed with the support of the MHCC Foundation OER Grant Program and published by MHCC Library Press. The textbook includes … Read more

Health and Fitness Ohio

The Health & Fitness major offers students a thorough understanding of human health and wellness. They gain a strong understanding of scientific principles that govern human performance, as well as a foundation in human anatomy and physiology. In addition, students can choose from a variety of elective classes to customize their studies to meet their … Read more

Activities for a Health and Fitness Lesson

Health and fitness lessons are an important part of PE. These lessons focus on how exercise affects the body. In particular, they draw attention to the role of the human heart. This lesson will help students understand the benefits of exercise, including cardiovascular benefits. In addition, it provides a framework for assessing the impact of … Read more

Celebrating Family Health and Fitness

      Every year, on June the second, Family Health & Fitness Day is celebrated. It encourages family members to visit local parks and engage in physical activity. It also encourages healthcare professionals and organizations to take part in the celebration and host events. In addition, family members are encouraged to share photos and … Read more