Health and Fitness Lesson 3 – Nutrition and Physical Activity




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The third lesson of the health and fitness series covers nutrition and physical activity. Students will explore 2 websites and a nutrition video to learn more about the importance of nutrition and physical activity. They will also complete an assignment to help them achieve the standards. The standards were the inspiration for the lesson and it deals with the importance of physical activity and nutrition for fitness.
Making healthier choices at fast food restaurants

Fast food can be convenient and inexpensive, but it’s best to know the nutritional information before ordering. Just one serving contains almost two thousand calories and a full day’s worth of saturated fat. It can also contain a high amount of sodium. Additionally, some cities have banned the use of hydrogenated vegetable oils in frying, which contain trans fats that increase the risk of heart disease.

Most fast food chains offer healthier options. Try choosing a fruit juice or unsweetened iced tea instead of soda. You can even choose low-fat chocolate milk if you want to add calcium to your diet. Also, avoid ordering fried chicken sandwiches, which are loaded with calories and unwanted fat.

You can make healthier choices at fast food restaurants if you make a meal plan. When you plan ahead, you’re less likely to stop by on a whim or when you’re overly hungry. Also, you can choose healthier options by reviewing the menu before you go. Many fast food restaurants also provide nutritional information online.

Instead of ordering fries, try ordering a vegetable patty or a baked potato. Some fast food chains also offer healthier salads and side dishes. Choosing a salad with a low-fat dressing or fruit bowl is an excellent choice instead of potato chips or a hamburger. Another good option is steamed rice or fruit. If you prefer a soup, go for a broth-based soup.

Fast food chains offer a wide variety of foods. Salads can be a good choice because they provide extra nutrition and help save calories. However, salads may include high-calorie toppings such as bacon bits, cheese, croutons, and fried protein. You can also ask for doggy bags and split your meal with a friend.

Fast food chains have made significant strides toward healthier menus. A recent study from Health magazine ranked the top 100 fast food chains in the United States. Fast-food chains with healthy menus included Jason’s Deli, Corner Bakery and Cafe, and Panera Bread.
Avoiding high fat and sugary foods

A good rule of thumb is to limit your intake of sugary and high-fat foods to less than 50% of your daily calorie allowance. This amount varies by gender, sex and age. It’s recommended that adults not exceed 150 grams or nine teaspoons of sugar each day.
Goal setting in health and fitness lesson 3

Goal setting can help children develop healthy habits and increase their self-confidence. Children can use a SMART goal template to simplify the process. The template encourages children to dream big and think about what they can accomplish. It also breaks down goals into specific steps so students can identify specific activities that will help them reach their goals.

Goals should be based on your lifestyle and circumstances. They should be attainable and specific, such as paying for a program or purchasing a good pair of running shoes. You should also set realistic timelines for achieving these goals. You can set short-term goals to start exercising more and lose a few pounds, and long-term goals to train for a 5 km race in four months.

Choosing a goal that is realistic can make the process easier and more enjoyable. You don’t want to set a goal that you can’t accomplish. For example, you may not be able to attend a gym everyday because of work or family commitments. But a few times a week or on the weekends is an attainable goal.

Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose a more challenging goal that will challenge you. For example, you might want to work up to 20 push-ups on your toes in two weeks. If you’re a new mother, you might choose a goal that will help you get stronger as a mother. It’s important to select a goal that you feel will enhance your quality of life and help you spend more time with your children.
Guidelines for physical activity in health and fitness lesson 3

Physical activity and nutrition play an important role in children’s development. Physical activity also promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps prevent obesity. It’s important to model healthy behavior for children. Here are some tips to promote physical activity. Start by incorporating physical activity into your daily life.