SPU’s Major in Health and Fitness Education







If you’re interested in a career in health and fitness education, you’ve come to the right place. This program at SPU is a general education program that focuses on the principles and activities that promote physical fitness and athletic prowess. Students will learn about the various human movement processes, exercise and fitness principles, and how to plan and organize fitness and sports programs.
Activities in health and fitness education

Physical education (PE) focuses on a range of group and individual activities. It is designed to enhance learning opportunities and develop students’ physical and social-emotional development. The purpose of physical education is to inspire students to pursue a lifetime of physical activity. PE lessons are typically taught in mixed-ability, single-sex groups, and are facilitated by a physical educator who is experienced in teaching students of various ages and abilities.

Physical activity promotes brain function in a variety of ways. From dancing to walking to yoga to jumping, physical activity stimulates the brain and promotes overall health and wellness. It can occur in school gyms and during recess, but it is also a vital academic subject. Moreover, physical activity improves attention span and classroom behavior.

Physical activity opportunities can be provided throughout the school curriculum through multi-component approaches. In addition to certified physical education teachers, non-PE teachers can also provide opportunities to students to engage in physical activity during their classroom lessons. Even single bouts of physical activity can help students achieve immediate benefits. In addition, single bouts of activity can improve learning.
Careers in health and fitness education

Careers in health and fitness education offer rewarding opportunities for individuals who have a passion for health and exercise. Whether leading a fitness club or giving dental patients a healthy start, health and fitness professionals help others achieve their health goals. Those with graduate-level degrees in health and fitness education can advance their careers in a variety of ways. Some pursue certification programs, while others pursue continuing education.

Health and fitness education can lead to a career as a personal trainer, fitness consultant, or dietitian. Depending on your educational background, you can also become a fitness director, fitness coach, or health coach. As a career option, health and fitness experts also support sports teams and teach students about science, medicine, or related disciplines.

Health and fitness education professionals can work as a fitness instructor or a gym teacher. The latter is often referred to as a health teacher. A health fitness teacher must have at least a Bachelor’s degree to become a fitness instructor. The salary of such a professional is relatively high and can reach $50,500 a year.

Careers in health and fitness education provide an exciting career path that can change lives. The health and wellness industry is expected to grow by 13% over the next decade. It also offers attractive job prospects for those with excellent communication skills. In addition to being a part of the health and fitness industry, careers in health and fitness education can be rewarding as an advocate for better health.

As a health and fitness consultant, you may work with individuals or groups of individuals to meet their fitness goals. Fitness consultants provide nutritional advice, develop fitness programs, and advise clients on exercise safety. These professionals are often employed in corporate or wellness settings, but can also work independently. In addition to working with clients, health and fitness professionals may also work with other health and fitness professionals and community members.

Graduates can work directly with community members to improve the health of their communities. In addition, they can work in administrative capacities to improve their organizations by overseeing fundraising, budget allocation, and strategic efforts. They may also work as camp directors, overseeing the activities of camp facilities, managing staff, and ensuring a healthy environment for campers. Ultimately, they can change lives by making a difference in their communities.
SPU’s major in health and fitness education

The major in health and fitness education at SPU provides students with a solid foundation in human movement science, and prepares them for careers in a variety of fields. Graduates can go on to become coaches, teachers, or other health care professionals. The program also teaches students how to evaluate general populations and athletic populations, and plan and organize fitness programs.

But the program has come under fire for several reasons, including the discriminatory policies on hiring LGBTQ employees. The school’s policies have been criticized by students and faculty alike, and in January 2021, a gay professor filed a lawsuit against the university. The lawsuit alleges that he was denied a tenured position because of his sexual orientation. This lawsuit fueled a public debate about the university’s hiring policy and the university’s stance on gay and lesbian students. The lawsuit cites the university’s employment policies, which prohibit hiring employees who identify as gay or lesbian. In May 2021, the university’s trustees reaffirmed the policy, and protesters sat in the administration during the trustees’ meeting to voice their disapproval.

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